Work With a Demolition Contractor for Your Projects

Sierra L Demolition Service was established in 2022 and our experts have over 6 years in interior demolition service. Operating in Toronto, ON, we undertake projects that require a professional and reliable hand. We are a business with skilled and experienced experts ready to take on any task. We are more than happy to make the lives of our residential and commercial customers easier.

Interior Demolition Service

Interior Demolition Service

Efficient and Safe

We want to be your go-to demolition contractor if you need commercial or residential structures demolished promptly. Our efficiency will help you schedule a perfect time for your property’s project. Demolition of a portion, or of a complete structure is only one phase in the demolition process. We will securely deal with large chunks of falling debris, and our professionals are trained to deal with this potentially hazardous task since there are electrical and water lines that must be handled cautiously. With us, you can expect a significant decrease in the chance of unplanned damage.

Professional Work

Our trusted team will use the best tools we have. You can rest assured that we will work with modern equipment and skills in order to deliver the results you expect. We will also accompany you through the entire process in order to ensure your safety and satisfaction. For your comfort during our interior demolition service, we are an insured and licensed company that will carry out your project swiftly. Your comfort and safety are our top priority!

Don’t hesitate any longer and contact our masterful demolition contractor! By calling (647) 693-5172, you will be able to ask for more information about how we can help you, which service is best for your project, and to book an appointment. Sierra L Demolition Service is ready to tackle any demolition service needed for customers in Toronto, ON. Call right now for a free estimate!

Services List

  • Exterior Demolition
  • Interior Demolition
  • Drywall Installation
  • Drywall Repair
  • House Framing
  • Wall Framing